PROception is our Six Star Front of House and Guest Service provision.  We have introduced the amalgamation of three key disciplines: Reception, Security and Concierge, to produce an innovative and well-rounded front of house professional, that is challenging today’s market place.

PROception ensures that our clients’ image is represented to enhanced levels and that our front of house service delivery is second to none. We have invested heavily in the relevant expertise to bring fresh ideas on style and new levels of training to create the very best in Ambassadorial services. We recruit from various different sectors such as luxury retail, airline and the hospitality industry, which ensures we have the very best in customer facing ability. Our staff are then trained with the appropriate security skillset, enhancing their confidence and knowledge further while bringing opportunities for consolidation and new service efficiencies to our clients.

"PROception is the evolution of customer service. It is our mission to provide front of house excellence by applying our professional core values in all of our daily endeavours. We are here to reinvent a new standard of client service delivery."