All of our services can be tailored specifically to our clients needs, we offer a range of solutions to suit every client requirement.

Concierge & Reception Excellence

PROception goes above and beyond to represent our client’s image with unparalleled front-of-house services.

Strategic Management Support

We provide dedicated management services to cater to the professional demands of corporate businesses, fostering relationships with our partner organisations.

Six-Star Guest Experiences

We excel in delivering a six-star guest experience meticulously tailored to embody our client’s vision, leaving a memorable first impression.

Lobby Hosting Expertise

Our hosting service seamlessly connects with the customer journey, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere and ensuring individualised guest care.

Hospitality & Barista Proficiency

Our team is proficient in food hygiene (Levels 1 & 2), assisting with food preparation for events, pop-ups, or lunches. They also undergo basic barista training as part of their onboarding.

Conferencing, Meetings & Event Coordination

Our colleagues are fully trained in setting up meeting rooms, managing logistics, and coordinating conferences and events.

Integrated Service Blending

We are experts at combining teams to deliver a unified service that reflects your brand experience and vision, tailored to meet guest expectations.

Style and Professionalism

Our colleagues maintain the immaculate presentation and adhere to uniform standards while bringing their unique personalities and flair to the forefront

Security Expertise

All our colleagues undergo rigorous training and regular refreshers in high-security standards to prioritise safety across our sites and portfolios.

Unified Front-of-House Service

Our front-of-house and security teams seamlessly collaborate, offering a fusion of three essential disciplines: reception, concierge, and security. Our colleagues are equipped with the necessary security skills, enabling consolidation and enhanced service efficiency for our clients.