It’s great to meet the key members of the PROception team!

Your commitment to delivering exceptional service and your diverse backgrounds make for a strong and well-rounded team.

Ruth McGowan

Head of Business

Mikaela Mikalef

Guest Experience Manager

Michelle Chavez

Clients Operations Support Manager

Vilma Gumbreviciute

Clients Operations Support Manager

David Billings

Contract Manager - GPE Portfolio

Jamal Smith

Client Portfolio Coordinator

Unique Recruitment

At PROception, our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring equitable treatment for all, thereby guaranteeing equal pathways for growth, development, and advancement in our professional journeys. Mutual respect serves as our compass, guiding our interactions to mirror how we wish to be addressed. We conscientiously lend our ears to one another, fostering a culture of support.

We aspire to attract top-tier talent to our organisation, irrespective of societal origins, age, gender, or race. Our approach champions parity of opportunities, just compensation, and openness in our recruitment procedures, thereby equipping our team members with the tools necessary to flourish within the realm of PROception

Training/Rewards & Recognition

Tailored Training Excellence
Our in-house customer service experts have meticulously crafted our comprehensive training program. It incorporates real-life operational scenarios, setting us apart from the competition.

Strategic Collaborations
We actively collaborate with businesses across various sectors, enabling cross-training of our colleagues. This ensures that our team can integrate diverse techniques into their daily tasks, allowing us to deliver six-star service and consistently attain new levels of efficiency.

Colleague Testimonial
“Upon joining PROception, my colleagues who had previously undergone this training highly recommended it to me. The material proved incredibly relevant, and the course director displayed flexibility in teaching, tailoring the program to ensure everyone grasped the information. This course significantly elevated my customer service skills, and I eagerly anticipate our next ‘Lunch & Learn’ session!”

Career Advancement
Just as our business grows, so do your opportunities within it. We prioritise promoting talent from within, and as a result, each year, we elevate approximately 10% of our team members into senior roles. This approach fosters internal growth and attracts fresh talent to embark on their journey with PROception.


Championing Inclusivity for Individuals with Disabilities – As a Disability Confident employer, we lead the charge in reshaping perspectives for the better. Our efforts extend to transforming behaviours and fostering inclusive cultures within our organisation, network, and community. The dividends of these inclusive recruitment practices are evident. The Disability Confident initiative empowers us to attract and retain exceptional individuals while simultaneously challenging perceptions and enhancing awareness of disabilities. We tap into the broadest spectrum of talent available, welcoming skilled, dedicated, and dynamic colleagues into our fold. Through this commitment, we bolster employee morale and dedication, exemplifying the principles of fairness. Moreover, it is a testament to our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within our workplace.

A Tapestry of Languages Unites Us – We converse in an impressive array of 72 languages.

“Inclusion transcends political correctness; it’s a prerequisite for advancement. Within PROception, we stand as advocates of equal opportunity, inviting applications from individuals of every background, qualification, and walk of life. Our commitment knows no bounds—race, gender, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation, or age holds no sway.” – Paul Williamson, Managing Director


Individuals become part of our team, and more importantly, they choose to remain with us. What’s the reason behind this enduring commitment?

Our approach is elegantly straightforward: our aspirational standards serve as a wellspring of motivation for our colleagues. We actively foster, educate, and encourage our team members. By offering opportunities and diverse experiences, we pave the way for a fulfilling career journey within PROception. Reflecting on our journey from our inception in 2018, we take immense pride in our ethos and dedicated efforts propelling us forward. Yet, our eyes remain fixed on the horizon, constantly seeking fresh avenues to reach even greater heights.

We eagerly anticipate hearing from you if you believe you possess the qualities required to join our remarkable team. Your journey with us could be the next chapter in our shared success story.

Colleague Testimonials

“Within this dynamic and exhilarating company, a harmonious tapestry of individuals converges. Equality reigns supreme, transcending backgrounds, genders, and races. An atmosphere of encouragement propels us all towards the pinnacle of our potential, bolstered by the expertise and professionalism of our adept senior management team – all in pursuit of the six-star guest experience.”

“The absence of boundaries within this realm is what captivates me. Everyone is granted an equal platform to shine. The PROception family envelops you, and we’re ceaselessly looking for exceptional minds to join our ranks.”

“The unwavering support from our management is my anchor of fondness. Our value is cherished, and this sentiment echoes throughout the organisation!”

“At PROception, the management’s dedication is palpable. Their commitment to fostering relationships with employees nurtures a profound sense of belonging.”