We are fully invested in the principles of our company values and feel that they are pivotal to our success.

We aim to uphold them in all of our daily endeavours and aspire to provide excellence in everything we do.


We believe nothing is more important than our reputation and we uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our daily actions, which is fundamental to who we are.


Transparency breeds trust. Trust is the foundation of great teamwork.


We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments. We will ensure we always maintain the highest of standards and protect the reputation of our client’s business and our own.

Professional Image

We pride ourselves in all of our endeavours to maintain our high standards of consistent image and uniform presentation, leaving a lasting impression on our clients and act as Vigilant brand ambassadors.

Working with Others

We work closely together with each other and our service partners, in a one-team ethos, to ensure we always meet the needs of our clients.

Cultural Diversity

We believe working with different people from different back grounds and cultures allows us to grow into better professionals. It is our aim to set the highest example of cross-cultural awareness in all our acts and communications.

Working Sustainably

Protecting our planet’s finite resources and working sustainably with our business partners.