Bespoke Customer Service Training

Our bespoke training package has been developed carefully by our very own in house customer service experts and it incorporates real life operational scenarios, that sets us apart from our competition. Our training topics include six star service, the customer experience as well as across culture training, dementia awareness, mental health first aid and sign language workshops. We tailor our training to the specific building, the customer journey and the environment and ensure we do everything we can to have an impact on making that experience memorable for anyone visiting the property



This is our new app that brings together environmental management and social impact as part of wider strategy on ESG. The app is tailored to individual client portfolios and is designed to fully understand all social value and to assist in the reduction of carbon across our customer base. Our app records void property checks, building leaks, energy saving, water conservation opportunities as well as any discarded waste incidents. It monitors terracycling as an added extra for occupiers, records staff journeys to and from work or any site patrols, provides smart meter integration and environmental reporting, among many other  exciting features. It is our aim to use this app to align with our clients net zero goals, understand the effect our carbon footprint has across each of our contracts and continue to work in partnership with our clients to provide a greener future for all.

Lifestyle and Concierge

This is our virtual concierge and lifestyle app, which offers clients and their occupiers the chance to enjoy discounts from a range of products including food and beverage, retail outlets, nail spas, restaurants and gyms. Our app can be tailored to suit each specific site environment and will also link in with our own laundry service that provides a drop off facility and many other benefits

Post Room Solutions

PROmail is part of our EVA system. Mailroom and postal services have always been an area of vulnerability and in order to counteract that problem we have developed PROmail within EVA. PROmail is an electronic platform to provide security and assurance to mail room and postal services within multi
tenanted buildings.

The main features are a secure scanning feature that accounts for all mail and individual packages that are delivered. Our clients are notified via email through the system on how much mail they have and its availability for collection or the estimated delivery time. Other important features are Hybrid mail, that was introduced during COVID-19 when people were working from home and mail can be electronically delivered.

This has to be a signed and authorised agreement before the service can be conducted, but has proved to be very popular during the pandemic with our clients. PROmail produces analytics that can show a client the volume of incoming mail and the level of franked outgoing mail. It allows us to monitor any pre agreed SLA‘s on delivery timeframes. The system is QR compatible and is used to identify clients when they come to collect mail for their businesses.

Employee App

All employees have access to our user-friendly app that is a Hubspot for important internal information. The app allows employees to update personal details, view their working shift patterns and submit holiday requests.

Lifestyle and Concierge

Our fully integrated client portal is designed to provide all aspects to client interactions. Whether that be Operations, Commercial or Administration, our clients have access to all information involved with the security of their assets

Visitor Management System​

EVA is our in-house electronic visitor assistant, that has been developed to provide a six-star frictionless entry and exit to our client’s buildings. EVA can be used to manage daily interactions within any building or large-scale event.

EVA displays live arrivals and departures, new or planned upcoming events or meetings and allows us to send out meeting invitations via Microsoft outlook email containing a QR code. This code saves direct to apple wallet. The recipient can then scan the QR code with our hosts upon arrival to the meeting or event, allowing them a seamless and hassle-free experience.

EVA recognises and allows us to manage key peak times of the day and is proactive in providing us with information to forward plan for these busier times i.e. increase staffing within a certain area at a certain time. It also provides us with information on the type of visitor along with many other useful statistics. This system links directly with any API our clients may currently use and delivers weekly/monthly reports which link in with our Connect  management system, providing all visitor  management information at our client’s finger tips.

We provide EVA as an added value benefit within our front of house offering. It is a professional and reliable way to ensure that your visitor and guests get the smoothest possible experience within our clients buildings.

Critical Response Management

Our Critical Response Management System is our new innovative piece of technology, deployed in the event of a critical incident occurring onsite. The Vigilant CRM system is used to alert and notify all occupiers and visitors as part of our comprehensive security service. This system is held within our Client Connect portal. The CRM system records the contact details of all occupiers, and can be used for mass communication in the event of a major incident occurring on site.