We are acutely aware of the environmental impact our business can have, and we remain committed to constant innovation and initiatives to reduce this impact. As part of our journey towards achieving a net-zero target by 2030, we must educate our colleagues about the significance of climate change and the collective, impactful changes we can make.

Vigilant holds ISO 14001 accreditation, placing us at the forefront of environmental management. We have implemented various innovative measures to decrease our carbon footprint and enhance our environmental stewardship. This includes organising litter picks and beach clean-ups, promoting recycling practices in our offices, collecting donations for charity shops, responsibly recycling or reusing uniforms based on their condition, and investing in hybrid company cars.

Equally important to us is our alignment with our clients’ sustainability aspirations and objectives. We ensure our colleagues are well-informed and passionate about shared sustainability goals.

Our Net Zero Timeline