PROception, the right solution for the

Getting the balance right on service offerings in the brave new world.

Croma PROception is the new alternative concept for business in need of something fresh and exciting. Originally set up to fill the void in Front of House needs and to bring together the three disciplines of concierge, security and reception, PROception has taken on a wide array of new clients and many who see the offering as solution to meet with modern day demands and expectations. The business world is facing new and unprecedented challenges to adapt their services in order to stay relevant in a tough market place. In the midst, we have had Brexit and a slowdown of European labour that has put the squeeze on talent availability within the service industry.

For some time at PROception we have been looking at recruitment and stepping away from the traditional hunting grounds for new personnel. By bringing the three disciplines together, overhauling job descriptions and deprioritising security licences as a prerequisite, this has opened us up to a broader pool of talent, many of them female.

The security industry has long suffered to attract females in any number, we have never been sexy enough. Reception has been largely female dominated and has lacked male representation and lobby hosting/concierge is a relatively new concept. Bring the disciplines together with new training content that empowers the team to work with the style and flair to create a new standard in Front of House Guest Ambassador services.

Making sure guests have a great and memorable experience is a key part of any sustainable business plan. We need more than ever to drive commercial value for our clients and excellence in customer service will play a large part in that. Widening the search for new employees has made us much more colourful as an organisation with mixed skill sets and varied backgrounds within the teams, that deliver the very best in Guest Ambassador and security services.

Service enhancements and cost efficiency go hand in hand when the right type of professional is deployed and is fit for purpose. Consolidation of disciplines naturally helps to streamline services but without compromising quality. We have found much greater collaboration with security teams in buildings as our licenced Ambassadors understand the requirements of site protection and maintaining the integrity of properties at all times.

Let us transition your traditional arrangements into a customer facing Ambassador service that is fit for the brave new world.